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Outline of my paper

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      As every chinese student knows, puppy love is one of the worst thing in most parents' and teachers' mind. When you entering "puppy love" in the chinese biggest search egiene, the results are fullfilled with the negative link like, "how to solve the problem of puppy love?" , "the negative effct of puppy love." Moreover, whenever a boy and a girl have itimate relationship, teachers will told their parents as a mistakes and their parents will be annoyed and use whatever it takes to spoil their intimate relationship. Why do they do that? Is that because puppy love will influence chirdren's study badly? And is puppy love really a bad thing?


      Firstly, the essencial part that parents and teachers concerned about is chirldren's study. Most of them give their priority to that childrent may be distracted by falling love with someone when they need to study conscientious. However, according to the research done by the Zhejiang University, the students that  have a downward trend of their grades


      Moreover, China is still a country that where speak sex publicly is regarded as indecent, and parents are concern about their children will have sex if they have a puppy love, which will directly leeds the girl to be pregnanted--- at least they belived in it.



      Furyther more, we cannot deny many puppy love do not have the plan for the future, but it is not the reason that we regarde it as a grievous fault.






What will the world like in 20-100 years



I think the world will change significantly especially in the technology field.